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Individual   Business   Payroll

Payroll (e-file / direct deposit / e- tax payment)

  •   $75 flat rate per month*

  •   Includes up to 5 employees

  •   Additional / Multiple payroll runs in a month

  •   Direct deposit

  •   Quarterly and annual forms (940, 941, state)

  •   W-2 forms

  •   New hire reports

  •   Employee accessible payroll website

  •   Electronic tax payments and filings

Setup fee of up to $200 will be charged per state,
and per city (if any) plus any filing fees

For employers who file in any other state in addition to Texas,
they will be charged up to $50 per state and per city (if any),
per month for each additional state and each additional city.

Charge of up to $10 for each additional employee

For payroll conducted in states outside Texas, we will not be liable for any possible
issue caused due to city tax, local tax, worker compensation insurance, etc. The
employer will be responsible to contact the state or city or local or any authority directly.

Payroll agreements and fees are automatically renewed at year end

A written notice is required for any changes made by either party. 

Payroll Filings (on-the-fly only)

 Form 941 or 944 or 941X or 940 (FUTA) - $75

(Paper-filed. E-file available with Payroll package only)

TWC / SUTA (Texas only) - $50 (E-filed)

W2 / 1099 (on-the-fly electronic filing)

W2 for $20 each

1099 for $20 each

 We provide tax preparation and business services. 

In no circumstances can we provide legal advice or legal representation

All information effective as of 12/17/2017

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